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Hygiene Services

We have a dedicated team of hygienists who will ensure that your gums stay forever healthy giving you confidence every day to speak, smile and eat without discomfort.

At So Dental we want this to be a spa experience; a place where you can relax whilst we remove  those harmful bacteria that lines your teeth and sparkle up your teeth.

We believe that a good oral hygiene regime is essential to help prevent the onset of or reduce the symptoms of gum disease.

During your appointment, our friendly Hygienist will take time to advise you on all aspects of oral hygiene and tailor the right regime for you.

We are passionate that education is key and learning how to look after your teeth and gums thoroughly at home is essential at preventing any further dental complications.

We believe that having healthy teeth and gums are what keeps us healthy and looking beautiful. We want you to enjoy this experience so that you want to return every time.

We have invested in the latest technology to remove bacteria build up, both above and below the gum line and a new modern Air Polishing system that gently and efficiently removes stubborn stains leaving your teeth all shiny and smooth.

We now have 4 levels of hygiene services to suit every need.

  • Routine hygiene gum treatment
  • Advanced Hygiene gum treatment
  • Diamond polish gum treatment
  • Walk – in Hygiene

If you are worried about bleeding gums and bad breath, why not give us a call to book a session with one of our hygienists.

We recommend that you see a hygienist at least every 6 months to ensure that the build-up of harmful bacteria causing gum disease is kept to a minimum.